Jodhpur By Foot – The walk of faith

Until now, you have heard all about Jodhpur and its sheer exotic charm. The ancient temples, age-old lakes, diverse spice markets, locally – made clothes and jewellery. All of these may have enticed you enough. However, have you really seen Jodhpur in its purest form? The lanes and the by-lanes, the intricate details in handicrafts and where to buy them, their forts and temples and the story behind them. We’re here to provide you with this exact experience. Visit old tobacco shops, the Kandoi market, medieval temples and all the places that have a tale to tell step-by-step with us. Our agenda is to take you to places that you have never been and gain experiences you have only dreamt of. Join us on a walk through Jodhpur on a route that you would have never experienced otherwise.
Join us at Jodhpur by Foot for an indelible experience.

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