About Us

The aim of HST Hospitality is to be recognised as a leading brand among stand alone hotel units, heritage restaurants and modern bars including under-performing ones to ensure long-term growth.

We thrive on our aim to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

How do we do that ?

With years of expertise in acquisition, development, repositioning, renovations, and hotel operations, we tailor our approach to each property and market and hence are positioned solely for growth.

From the very beginning, HST Hospitality holds on to a core set of values that have shaped how we’ve operated, grown and prospered. Unwavering commitment to our founding beliefs guide us as we help hotel owners and our associates succeed in any marketplace through an economic cycle.

HST delivers nothing short of excellence.

Our Core Values

Acting in a manner that befits our position as an industry leader.

All for one and one for all.

Understanding that each individual brings a fresh thought to the table.

Delivering excellence is the cornerstone of all our effort, each and every day.

Consistently promote novelty with the aim of survival and progress

Facilitate easy flowing conversations and the exchange of ideas.

Delivering exceptional services to our guests, our communities, and to each other.

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